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More information on Julian Fellowes's Belgravia by Julian Fellowes Julian Fellowes's Belgravia
Julian Fellowes
Normal Price: $32.99
Your Price: $29.69

On the evening of 15 June 1815, the great and the good of British Society have gathered in Brussels at what is to become one of the most tragic parties in history - the Duchess of Richmond's ball. For... » Read More

More information on Ruins by Rajith Savanadasa Ruins
Rajith Savanadasa
Normal Price: $27.99
Your Price: $23.51

'RUINS is a stirring and skilfully crafted debut, and Savanadasa's characters are so vividly drawn they feel like family. With his sharp and masterful observations of race, class and gender in the "new"... » Read More

More information on Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler Vinegar Girl
Anne Tyler
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

'You can't get around Kate Battista as easily as all that'. Kate Battista is feeling stuck. How did she end up running house and home for her eccentric scientist father and uppity, pretty younger sister... » Read More

More information on Black Teeth by Zane Lovitt Black Teeth
Zane Lovitt
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $25.19

Jason Ginaff doesn't get out much. Partly because of the anxiety, mainly because he works at home. Researching people on the internet. Job candidates doing bucket bongs on Instagram accounts they thought... » Read More

More information on Girl in Green by Derek B. Miller Girl in Green
Derek B. Miller
Normal Price: $32.99
Your Price: $27.71

British journalist Thomas Benton hasn't seen disgraced US army soldier Arwood Hobbes since they were both caught in Saddam Hussein's merciless suppression of rebels after Desert Storm. It was in the... » Read More

More information on Barkskins by Annie Proulx Barkskins
Annie Proulx
Normal Price: $32.99
Your Price: $26.39

'One of the greatest American writers' Independent From Annie Proulx, the Pulitzer Prize---winning author of The Shipping News and "Brokeback Mountain," comes her masterwork: an epic, dazzling, violent,... » Read More

More information on Black Water by Louise Doughty Black Water
Louise Doughty
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $25.19

Harper wakes every night, terrified of the sounds outside his hut halfway up a mountain in Bali. He is afraid that his past as a mercenary has caught up with him - and that his life may now been in danger.... » Read More

More information on Death of All Things Seen by Michael Collins Death of All Things Seen
Michael Collins
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $25.19

'There was a new beginning. He felt it everywhere, in the sweep of change, in the simple pronouncement of 'Yes we can!" It's 2008 and Norman Price - a moderately successful forty-something playwright... » Read More

More information on Breaking Cover by Stella Rimington Breaking Cover
Stella Rimington
Normal Price: $27.99
Your Price: $22.39

Back in London after a gruelling operation in Paris, Liz Carlyle has been posted to MI5's counter-espionage desk. British relations with Russia are tense in the wake of Putin's incursions into the Ukraine.... » Read More

More information on Hero in France by Alan Furst Hero in France
Alan Furst
Normal Price: $32.99
Your Price: $27.71

Spring, 1941. Britain is losing the war. Paris is occupied by the Nazis, dark and silent at night. But when the clouds part, and moonlight floods the city, a Resistance leader called Mathieu steps out... » Read More

More information on Chocolate by Kirsten Tibballs Chocolate
Kirsten Tibballs
Normal Price: $49.99
Your Price: $39.99

Dark and luxurious or creamy and light ...drizzling, oozing or baked ...there are many ways to enjoy chocolate, but there is only one 'Queen of Chocolate'. Kirsten Tibballs, world-renowned chocolatier... » Read More

More information on Fall of the House of Wilde by Emer O'Sullivan Fall of the House of Wilde
Emer O'Sullivan
Normal Price: $49.99
Your Price: $44.99

Oscar Wilde owed his most outstanding characteristics - his precocious intellectualism, his flamboyance, his hedonism, his recklessness, his pride, his sense of superiority, his liberal sexual values... » Read More

More information on Clementine Rose and the Paris Puzzle by Jacqueline Harvey Clementine Rose and the Paris Puzzle
Jacqueline Harvey
Normal Price: $14.99
Your Price: $12.59

From Penberthy Floss to Paris, Clementine Rose is set for adventure! Clementine Rose and her family are off to Paris! It's Clementine's first big trip and there's so much to see and do. She's been practising... » Read More

More information on Charlie and the War Against the Grannies by Alan Brough Charlie and the War Against the Grannies
Alan Brough
Normal Price: $14.99
Your Price: $12.59

I didn't want Mrs Cyclopolos to explode. I just wanted a paper round. My name is Charlie Ian Duncan. I will be 12 on 2 February. I have written this history of my war with the grannies because I need... » Read More

More information on Black by Fleur Ferris Black
Fleur Ferris
Normal Price: $19.99
Your Price: $16.79

Ebony Marshall is in her final year of high school. Five months, two weeks and four days ...She can't wait to leave the town where she's known only as Black'. Because of her name, of course. But for another... » Read More

More information on Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon Bone Sparrow
Zana Fraillon
Normal Price: $19.99
Your Price: $16.79

'A special book.' Morris Gleitzman Sometimes, at night, the dirt outside turns into a beautiful ocean. As red as the sun and as deep as the sky. I lie in my bed, Queeny's feet pushing up against my cheek,... » Read More

More information on When Michael Met Mina by Randa Abdel-Fattah When Michael Met Mina
Randa Abdel-Fattah
Normal Price: $18.99
Your Price: $15.95

A boy. A girl. Two families. One great divide. When Michael meets Mina, they are at a rally for refugees - standing on opposite sides. Mina fled Afghanistan with her mother via a refugee camp, a leaky... » Read More

More information on Road to Winter by Mark Smith Road to Winter
Mark Smith
Normal Price: $19.99
Your Price: $15.99

Twenty years ago, John Marsden's Tomorrow series captivated a generation of readers. Now, Mark Smith's The Road to Winter tells a thrilling, primal, twenty-first century story of courage and survival... » Read More

More information on These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly These Shallow Graves
Jennifer Donnelly
Normal Price: $16.99
Your Price: $14.27

A wealthy family. A deadly secret. A young woman with more to lose than she knows. Josephine Montfort is from one of New York's oldest, most respected, and wealthiest families. Like most well-off girls... » Read More

Great Australian Books

  • More information on Circle by Jeannie Baker Circle
    Jeannie Baker
    Normal Price: $27.99
    Your Price: $23.51

    From the creator of the critically acclaimed Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Mirror, comes a poetic, eco-conscious picture book which explores the... » Read More

  • More information on Notes on an Exodus by Richard Flanagan Notes on an Exodus
    Richard Flanagan
    Normal Price: $9.99
    Your Price: $8.39

    Notes on the exodus of refugees from Syria, by Man Booker Prize winner Richard Flanagan. With illustrations from Archibald Prize winner Ben Quilty. In... » Read More

  • More information on Beyond Belief by Hugh Mackay Beyond Belief
    Hugh Mackay
    Normal Price: $32.99
    Your Price: $27.71

    What do people actually mean when they say 'God'? Around two-thirds of us say we believe in God or some 'higher power', but fewer than one in ten Australians... » Read More

  • More information on My Dead Bunny by Sigi Cohen My Dead Bunny
    Sigi Cohen
    Normal Price: $19.99
    Your Price: $15.99

    "My dead bunny's name is Brad; his odour is extremely bad. He visits me when I'm in bed, but Bradley wasn't always dead ..." A hilarious rhyming tale... » Read More


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