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More information on Redeployment by Phil Klay Redeployment
Phil Klay
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

BOOK-OF-THE WEEK. Use promo code "nbaward" and receive FREE shipping. The battle is staying alive; the heartbreak is coming home. 'We shot dogs. Not by accident. We did it on purpose and we called... » Read More

More information on Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan Narrow Road to the Deep North
Richard Flanagan
Normal Price: $19.99
Your Price: $15.99

FREE shipping. Use promo code "manbooker14". August, 1943. In the despair of a Japanese POW camp on the Thai-Burma death railway, Australian surgeon Dorrigo Evans is haunted by his love affair with... » Read More

More information on Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion Rosie Effect
Graeme Simsion
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

Don Tillman and Rosie Jarman are back. If you were swept away by Graeme Simsion’s international smash hit The Rosie Project, you will love The Rosie Effect. The Wife Project is complete, and Don and... » Read More

More information on Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly Great Zoo of China
Matthew Reilly
Normal Price: $39.99
Your Price: $31.99

GET READY FOR ACTION ON A GIGANTIC SCALE It is a secret the Chinese government has been keeping for forty years. They have found a species of animal no one believed even existed. It will amaze... » Read More

More information on 52-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths 52-Storey Treehouse
Andy Griffiths
Normal Price: $12.99
Your Price: $10.39

Andy and Terry's incredible, ever-expanding treehouse has 13 new storeys, including a watermelon-smashing level, a wave machine, a life-size snakes and ladders game (with real ladders and real snakes),... » Read More

More information on Merciless Gods by Christos Tsiolkas Merciless Gods
Christos Tsiolkas
Normal Price: $32.99
Your Price: $26.39

Love, sex, death, family, friendship, betrayal, tenderness, sacrifice and revelation...This incendiary collection of stories from acclaimed bestselling international writer Christos Tsiolkas takes you... » Read More

More information on Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion Rosie Project
Graeme Simsion
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

The feel-good hit of 2013, The Rosie Project is a classic screwball romance. Don Tillman, professor of genetics, has never been on a second date. Then a chance encounter gives him an idea. He will design... » Read More

More information on Amnesia by Peter Carey Amnesia
Peter Carey
Normal Price: $32.99
Your Price: $26.39

How does a young woman from suburban Melbourne become America's public enemy number one? When Gaby Baillieux releases the Angel Worm into the computers of Australia's prison system, freeing hundreds of... » Read More

More information on Adam Spencer's Big Book of Numbers by Adam Spencer Adam Spencer's Big Book of Numbers
Adam Spencer
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

A hilarious, enlightening romp through the world of numbers with one of Australia's best-loved broadcasters. Why do people get freaked out by Friday the 13th? Where does a 'dozen' come from? Who was Erno... » Read More

More information on Family Food by Pete Evans Family Food
Pete Evans
Normal Price: $39.99
Your Price: $31.99

With two children of his own, Pete Evans knows how hard it can be to get a healthy and delicious meal on the table night after night. That's why he's put together his absolute favourite recipes for busy... » Read More

More information on Gallipoli by Peter FitzSimons Gallipoli
Peter FitzSimons
Normal Price: $49.99
Your Price: $39.99

On 25 April 1915, Allied forces landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in present-day Turkey to secure the sea route between Britain and France in the west and Russia in the east. After eight months of terrible... » Read More

More information on Bush by Don Watson Bush
Don Watson
Normal Price: $45.00
Your Price: $36.00

Most Australians live in cities and cling to the coastal fringe, yet our sense of what an Australian is - or should be - is drawn from the vast and varied inland called the bush. But what do we mean by... » Read More

More information on What Days are for by Robert Dessaix What Days are for
Robert Dessaix
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

One Sunday night in Sydney, Robert Dessaix collapses in a gutter in Darlinghurst, and is helped to his hotel by a kind young man wearing a T-shirt that says FUCK YOU. What follows are weeks in hospital,... » Read More

More information on 13-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths 13-Storey Treehouse
Andy Griffiths
Normal Price: $9.99
Your Price: $7.99

Who wouldn't want to live in a treehouse? Especially a 13-storey treehouse that has a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a tank full of sharks, a library full of comics, a secret underground... » Read More

More information on Private Bill in Love and War by Barrie Cassidy Private Bill in Love and War
Barrie Cassidy
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

Barrie Cassidy's dad Bill survived more than four years as a prisoner of war in World War II. He first saw conflict on Crete in May 1941, during the only large-scale parachute invasion in wartime history.... » Read More

More information on In My Heart by Jo Witek In My Heart
Jo Witek
Normal Price: $27.69
Your Price: $22.16

Starring the same little girl in the same charming illustration style as Hello In There!, In My Heart explores emotions--happiness, sadness, bravery, anger, shyness and more. Unlike other feelings books... » Read More

More information on My Story by Julia Gillard My Story
Julia Gillard
Normal Price: $49.99
Your Price: $39.99

'I was prime minister for three years and three days.Three years and three days of resilience.Three years and three days of changing the nation.Three years and three days for you to judge.' On Wednesday... » Read More

More information on Holidays by William McInnes Holidays
William McInnes
Normal Price: $29.99
Your Price: $23.99

Remember those long, languid holidays when the only decisions to be made were what to pack in the Esky and who should get the front seat on the drive to the beach? Let William McInnes reignite your nostalgia... » Read More

More information on Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb Wife Drought
Annabel Crabb
Normal Price: $34.99
Your Price: $27.99

'I need a wife' It's a common joke among women juggling work and family. But it's not actually a joke. Having a spouse who takes care of things at home is a Godsend on the domestic front. It's a potent... » Read More

More information on Clivosaurus: The Politics of Clive Palmer by Guy Rundle Clivosaurus: The Politics of Clive Palmer
Guy Rundle
Normal Price: $19.99
Your Price: $15.99

Clive Palmer is the wildcard of Australian politics. Since the last election, when this eccentric mining magnate narrowly won a seat in the House of Representatives - and his Palmer United Party gained... » Read More


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Great Australian Books

  • More information on Only in New York by Lily Brett Only in New York
    Lily Brett
    Normal Price: $29.99
    Your Price: $23.99

    New York is a walker's city. You can walk for hours. The streets slip by. There is so much to look at, so much to take in. I walk a lot. Especially when... » Read More

  • More information on Lost & Found by Brooke Davis Lost & Found
    Brooke Davis
    Normal Price: $26.99
    Your Price: $21.59

    '[an] enchanting debut...Lost & Found is a highly entertaining road trip and much, much more...bubbling with warmth and humour, it also explores loss,... » Read More

  • More information on Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
    Mem Fox
    Normal Price: $16.95
    Your Price: $13.56

    As everyone knows, nothing is sweeter than tiny baby fingers and chubby baby toes... From two of the most gifted picture book creators of our time, here... » Read More

  • More information on Best Australian Political Cartoons 2014 by Russ Radcliffe Best Australian Political Cartoons 2014
    Russ Radcliffe
    Normal Price: $29.99
    Your Price: $23.99

    The year in politics as observed by Australia's funniest and most perceptive political cartoonists. With Dean Alston, Peter Broelman, Warren Brown, Pat... » Read More


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