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Mathematics & science

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The Number Games by Adam Spencer

The Number Games

Paperback, November 2017
COMETS! by David J. Eicher


Paperback, September 2013
Alien Life Imagined by Professor Mark L. Brake

Alien Life Imagined

Hardback, November 2012
Keeping Livestock Healthy by B. Haynes

Keeping Livestock Healthy

Paperback, November 2001
A Guide to Scientific Writing by David Lindsay

A Guide to Scientific Writing

Paperback, September 1995
Emerging Syntheses In Science by David Pines

Emerging Syntheses In Science

Paperback, January 1988
Fossil Plants by Paul Kenrick

Fossil Plants

Paperback, December 2004
Our Own Devices by Edward Tenner

Our Own Devices

Paperback, June 2004
Compression Molding by Paul Gramman

Compression Molding

Hardback, May 2003
The Oceans by Ellen Prager

The Oceans

Paperback, August 2001
Enough by Bill McKibben


Paperback, September 2000
The Baltimore Case by Daniel J. Kevles

The Baltimore Case

Paperback, January 2000
How to Think about Statistics by John Phillips

How to Think about Statistics

Paperback, January 2000
The Cambridge Quintet by John L. Casti

The Cambridge Quintet

Paperback, April 1999
Small-scale Livestock Farming by Carol Ekarius

Small-scale Livestock Farming

Paperback, January 1999
The Invisible Pyramid by Loren Eiseley

The Invisible Pyramid

Paperback, June 1998
The Emotional Brain by Joseph E. LeDoux

The Emotional Brain

Paperback, March 1998
Sort By:
Results 1 - 32 of 144