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Books by John Yau

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Peter Saul (bilingual) by Yau John

Peter Saul (bilingual)

Hardback, December 2019
$67.50 $75.00
Thomas Nozkowski by John Yau

Thomas Nozkowski

Hardback, September 2017
$113.09 $125.66
Hawaiian Cowboys by John Yau

Hawaiian Cowboys

Hardback, November 1994
$56.56 $62.84
Philip Taaffe by John Yau

Philip Taaffe

Hardback, April 2018
$124.40 $138.22
Swimmers by John Yau


Hardback, July 2014
Xylor Jane: Notebooks by Xylor Jane

Xylor Jane: Notebooks

Paperback / softback, June 2019
$67.87 $75.41
Leon Polk Smith by Leon Polk Smith

Leon Polk Smith

Hardback, September 2017
$101.80 $113.11
Blackboards by John Yau


Paperback, November 2004
Dazzling Water, Dazzling Light by John Yau

Dazzling Water, Dazzling Light

Paperback / softback, October 2000
Edificio Sayonara by John Yau

Edificio Sayonara

Leather / fine binding, November 1992
Forbidden Entries by John Yau

Forbidden Entries

Hardback, December 1996
The New Response by John Yau

The New Response

Paperback, January 1985
Henri Matisse by John Yau

Henri Matisse

Paperback, June 2017
New Smoke by John Yau

New Smoke

Paperback, January 2009
The Passionate Spectator by John Yau

The Passionate Spectator

Hardback, December 2006
Ing Grish by John Yau

Ing Grish

Paperback, December 2005
Jay DeFeo by John Yau

Jay DeFeo

Hardback, May 2013
A Life with Artists by John Yau

A Life with Artists

Hardback, October 2016
$153.00 $170.00
California Landscapes by John Yau

California Landscapes

Hardback, September 2018
$108.00 $120.00
William Tillyer by John Yau

William Tillyer

Paperback, September 2008
Bijoux in the Dark by John Yau

Bijoux in the Dark

Paperback, April 2018
My Heart is That Eternal Rose Tattoo by John Yau

My Heart is That Eternal Rose Tattoo

Leather / fine binding, November 2001
Randy Hayes by John Yau

Randy Hayes

Hardback, December 1999
Hawaiian Cowboys by John Yau

Hawaiian Cowboys

Leather / fine binding, November 1994
Catherine Murphy by John Yau

Catherine Murphy

Hardback, April 2016
$117.00 $130.00
A.R. Penck by John Yau

A.R. Penck

Hardback, October 1993
Results 1 - 32 of 61