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The Age of Living Machines: How Biology Will Build the Next Technology Revolution by Susan Hockfield

The Age of Living Machines:...

Paperback / softback, June 2020
$29.35 $29.95
The Age of Living Machines: How Biology Will Build the Next Technology Revolution by Susan Hockfield

The Age of Living Machines:...

Hardback, June 2019
$44.05 $44.95
Do No Harm: Protecting Connected Medical Devices, Healthcare, and Data from Hackers and Adversarial Nation States by Matthew Webster

Do No Harm: Protecting Connected...

Paperback / softback, August 2021
$48.95 $49.95
In Silico Dreams: How Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology Will Create the Medicines of the Future by Brian S. Hilbush

In Silico Dreams: How Artificial...

Paperback / softback, October 2021
$71.95 $74.95
Me Medicine vs. We Medicine: Reclaiming Biotechnology for the Common Good by Donna Dickenson

Me Medicine vs. We Medicine:...

Hardback, June 2013
$48.95 $49.95
The Biotech Investor's Bible by George Wolff

The Biotech Investor's Bible

Hardback, June 2001
$73.45 $74.95
AI in Healthcare: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing IT Operations and Infrastructure Services by Robert Shimonski

AI in Healthcare: How Artificial...

Paperback / softback, April 2021
$97.95 $99.95
Bio Art: Nature - Identity by William Myers

Bio Art: Nature - Identity

Hardback, October 2015
$49.20 $60.00
The Precipice: 'A book that seems made for the present moment' New Yorker by Toby Ord

The Precipice: 'A book that...

Paperback / softback, February 2021
$18.39 $22.99
Animal Ethos: The Morality of Human-Animal Encounters in Experimental Lab Science by Lesley A. Sharp

Animal Ethos: The Morality...

Paperback / softback, November 2018
$55.63 $57.95
A Shot to Save the World: The Remarkable Race and Ground-Breaking Science Behind the Covid-19 Vaccines by Gregory Zuckerman

A Shot to Save the World:...

Paperback / softback, October 2021
$28.00 $35.00
Altered Inheritance: CRISPR and the Ethics of Human Genome Editing by Francoise Baylis

Altered Inheritance: CRISPR...

Hardback, September 2019
$41.11 $41.95
Seeds of Science: Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs by Mark Lynas

Seeds of Science: Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs

Paperback / softback, March 2020
$18.39 $22.99
Advanced Concepts of Biotechnology by Suzy Hill

Advanced Concepts of Biotechnology

Hardback, March 2015
$253.04 $281.16
Hacking Immortality: New Realities in the Quest to Live Forever by Sputnik Futures

Hacking Immortality: New...

Paperback / softback, March 2021
$42.16 $46.84
Technologies of the Human Corpse by John Troyer

Technologies of the Human Corpse

Paperback / softback, August 2021
$37.85 $42.06
Mapping Humanity: How Modern Genetics Is Changing Criminal Justice, Personalized Medicine, and Our Identities by Joshua Z. Rappoport

Mapping Humanity: How Modern...

Paperback / softback, July 2020
$37.85 $42.06
Cancer Biomarkers by Debmalya Barh

Cancer Biomarkers

Hardback, January 2014
$478.17 $483.00
Israel by David Levi-Faur


Paperback / softback, September 1999
$41.57 $41.99
Biotechnology, Patents and Morality by Sigrid Sterckx

Biotechnology, Patents and Morality

Hardback, September 2017
$260.37 $263.00
Biotechnology: Recent Trends and Emerging Dimensions by Atul Bhargava

Biotechnology: Recent Trends...

Hardback, December 2017
$311.85 $315.00
Genome Editing Tools and Gene Drives: A Brief Overview by Reagan Mudziwapasi

Genome Editing Tools and...

Hardback, October 2021
$198.00 $200.00
Microspheres: Medical and Biological Applications (1988) by Alan Rembaum

Microspheres: Medical and...

Hardback, October 2017
$353.43 $357.00
Biotransformations and Bioprocesses by Mukesh Doble

Biotransformations and Bioprocesses

Hardback, March 2004
$478.17 $483.00
Cell Culture Bioprocess Engineering, Second Edition by Wei-Shou Hu

Cell Culture Bioprocess Engineering,...

Paperback / softback, March 2020
$207.90 $210.00
Federal Influences on Biomedical Technology Innovation by Lilly B. Gardner

Federal Influences on Biomedical...

Hardback, March 2018
$131.67 $133.00
Biomass Processing Technologies by Vladimir Strezov

Biomass Processing Technologies

Paperback / softback, April 2020
$90.08 $90.99
Biotech Juggernaut by Tina Stevens

Biotech Juggernaut

Paperback / softback, January 2019
$73.25 $73.99
Process Synthesis for Fuel Ethanol Production by C.A. Cardona

Process Synthesis for Fuel Ethanol Production

Hardback, December 2009
$353.43 $357.00
Results 1 - 32 of 2000