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Fashion & society

Stylin' by Shane White


Paperback, February 1999
Guatemala's Masks and Drama by Jim Pieper

Guatemala's Masks and Drama

Paperback, August 2006
The Culture of Sewing by Barbara Burman

The Culture of Sewing

Paperback, November 1999
Fashion and Modernity by Caroline Evans

Fashion and Modernity

Paperback, January 2005
Dress and Globalisation by Margaret Maynard

Dress and Globalisation

Paperback, June 2004
Body Dressing by Joanne Entwistle

Body Dressing

Paperback, June 2001
Hairstyles and Fashion by Steven M. Zdatny

Hairstyles and Fashion

Paperback, April 1999
T-Shirts by Susan Miller


Paperback, March 2007
A World of Belts by Anne Leurquin

A World of Belts

Hardback, November 2004
European Designer Jewelry by Ginger Moro

European Designer Jewelry

Hardback, December 1998
"Vogue" Covers by Robin Derrick

"Vogue" Covers

Hardback, October 2007
Black in Fashion by Roger Leong

Black in Fashion

Paperback, May 2008
The Rise of Fashion by Daniel Leonhard Purdy

The Rise of Fashion

Paperback, September 2004
Fashion Plates by Constance Korosec

Fashion Plates

Hardback, December 1998
Ready-made Democracy by Michael Zakim

Ready-made Democracy

Paperback, January 2006
Sentimental Jewellery by Anne Louise Luthi

Sentimental Jewellery

Paperback, March 1998
Through the Wardrobe by Maura Banim

Through the Wardrobe

Paperback, December 2000
London by Alistair O'Neill


Paperback, March 2007
Psychedelic Chic by Roseann Ettinger

Psychedelic Chic

Hardback, August 1999
The Language of Dress by Steeve O. Buckridge

The Language of Dress

Paperback, February 2004
The Cowboy Hat Book by William Reynolds

The Cowboy Hat Book

Paperback, August 2003
Old Clothes, New Looks by Hazel Clark

Old Clothes, New Looks

Paperback, November 2004
The Veil Unveiled by Faegheh Shirazi

The Veil Unveiled

Paperback, September 2003
Don We Now Our Gay Apparel by Shaun Cole

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

Paperback, September 2000