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Favourite Poems for Children by Susan Gaber

Favourite Poems for Children

Paperback, January 1981
Pocahontas by Shannon Zemlica


Paperback, May 2005
Write Your Own Story by Anna Pomaska

Write Your Own Story

Paperback, November 1979
State Shapes Minnesota by Erik Bruun

State Shapes Minnesota

Hardback, May 2002
Fly Away Home by Patricia Hermes

Fly Away Home

Paperback, November 2005
Alice in Wonderland by Carroll

Alice in Wonderland

Paperback, March 2003
Bible Stories by Bible

Bible Stories

Paperback, January 1973
Create Your Own Pictures by Anna Pomaska

Create Your Own Pictures

Paperback, April 1984
Sea Shore Birds by Ruth Soffer

Sea Shore Birds

Hardback, March 2003
Hudson by Robert C Baron


Hardback, February 2005
Robin Hood by J. Walker McSpadden

Robin Hood

Paperback, March 2003
The Wonder Clock by Howard Pyle

The Wonder Clock

Paperback, June 1966
Angela Anaconda: Family Ties by

Angela Anaconda: Family Ties

Paperback, October 2002
A is for Aunty by Elaine Russell

A is for Aunty

Paperback, September 2001
Bananas Fun Book by .

Bananas Fun Book

Paperback, September 2002
Angela Anaconda No Contest by .

Angela Anaconda No Contest

Paperback, April 2003
Songbirds by Jonathan P. Latimer


Hardback, May 2000
Nannycatch Chronicles by James Heneghan

Nannycatch Chronicles

Hardback, February 2006
The Midnight Feast by Margaret Wild

The Midnight Feast

Paperback, January 1999