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How to Buy Books

Detailed instructions about how to buy books at Boomerang Books.


Information about the security of your personal details, credit card information and the website in general.

Book Availability

Information about book availability, back order books and order status updates.


Information about pricing and GST.

Available Book Formats

An explanation of the types of book formats available from Boomerang Books.

Use of Promotional Codes and Gift Vouchers

How to use a promotional voucher code or a gift voucher on Boomerang Books.

Boomerang Bucks Loyalty Program

Information about our loyalty program, how to earn and redeem 'Boomerang Bucks'.

Gift Wrapping

Boomerang Books offers a colourful gift wrapping service for all orders.

Payment Methods

Information about your payment options when you buy from Boomerang Books.

Delivery and Freight Information

Information about delivery times and postage and handling fees for your books.

Tracking and managing your order

How to get an update on where your books are.

Cancellations, Returns and Guarantees

Our policy about order cancellations and returning items to us after purchase.

Bulk Book Orders

Information about the procedure and discounts available for ordering books in bulk.

Schools Accounts

Information about establishing a credit account for your school - great benefits available!

Privacy Policy

Information about how Boomerang Books uses your personal information.

Terms of Use

Users of the Boomerang Books website are bound by these Terms of Use.


Our copyright policy.

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A little bit of information about the Boomerang Books business.

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