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Book Availability

Availability and Unavailability

Some books on the Boomerang Books website are not carried in direct stock and need to be ordered in from our network of suppliers in Australia and overseas. There are well over 1.5 million titles that are 'in print' at any one time, and it is not viable for a business such as ours to hold them all in stock at once.

Expected delivery times for each book are displayed in the 'Availability' information when a title is viewed on the website. Customers should refer to the 'Availability' information prior to placing an order to ensure that the delivery time frame is suitable.

Generally, titles in stock in Australia are shipped within 7-10 days of order (depending on stock availability). Books sourced from the United States are shipped in 8-11 days (depending on stock availability) and books sourced from the United Kingdom are shipped in 10-12 days (depending on stock availability).

We do our best to estimate the shipping date for all books however we do not guarantee that the estimate is the date that it will be shipped, as this depends on a title's availability. Please note that expected delivery times are dependent upon the supplier's advice to us about the availability of the book. On occasions this advice can be inaccurate, resulting in delays or, in some circumstances, unavailability. 

In the event that a book cannot be supplied, we will contact you as soon as possible and advise you of the book's unavailability. A refund will be supplied within 72 hours of notification, via the same method as the initial payment was made.

Provision of Overseas Titles

Boomerang Books sources titles from within Australia and overseas.  Users of this website agree that books purchased from overseas sources are for private use only.

Back Order Books

Occasionally books appear on the Boomerang Books website that are currently unavailable or out-of-print. Should you order a title that is currently unavailable, we will hold your order on back order until this is confirmed by our supplier. If the supplier indicates that the book cannot be fulfilled, we will cancel your order, refund your payment and notify you by email.

Order Status Updates

After you have placed an order, you will receive an email each time the status of a book changes.  Here is an explanation of the various book statuses:

  • Payment pending - Your order has been placed, but we are waiting for payment.  Please note that funds must clear (Paypal, BPay, Direct Deposit, Cheque or Money Order) before an order is confirmed.
  • Sourcing - The book is being sourced from a supplier.  Many titles are held in direct stock but other books need to be sourced from a publisher or distributor.  Most books are dispatched from our warehouse within 7-10 days of order, however, this depends on the where the book is sourced from. Books sourced from overseas can take longer to arrive. The date on your Order Status Update email indicates when we expect your book to be dispatched to you.
  • Ready to Dispatch - The book is ready to dispatch to you, but we are waiting on other books on your order to arrive from suppliers.  Generally, we will wait until all books have arrived before dispatching them to you. If you would like us to send your book(s) immediately, please contact us via our online contact form.
  • Back order - The book is not available immediately, but the publisher has indicated that it should be available in the near future. The book will be dispatched to you as soon as it becomes available. The date provided on your Order Status Update email indicates when we expect your book to become available.
  • Not Yet Published - The book has not yet been published. We will source and dispatch the book to you as soon as it becomes available. The date provided on your Order Status Update email indicates when the book is published.
  • Cancelled - The book has either been cancelled at your request or it cannot be supplied.  Accordingly, the book has been cancelled from the order and a refund has been processed.
  • Dispatched - The book has been dispatched from our Sydney warehouse to your delivery address. Depending on your location, the book should arrive within 2-4 days (within Australia).  The Tracking ID number provided on your Order Status Update email can be used to track your parcel on the Australia Post website.