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Book Formats

Our database contains a number of different industry book formats.  A short description of these is as follows:

  • A Format - this is standard paperback 'mass market' format; about 11x16cm in size; an example is romance novels
  • B Format - this is also a paperback format, but is slightly larger (15 x 25cm); also known as Trade Paperback.
  • C Format - this format ranges from A4 size to small square books to anything in between; basically, it is anything that is paperback, but not in A or B Format.
  • Hardcover/Hardback - a hard backed book, available in a myriad of sizes.
  • Cloth bound - this is also a hardcover book, but with a 'fancier' cover.
  • Library bound - basically the same as cloth bound, but it has more durable binding to be read thousands of times in libraries.
  • CD-Audio - an audiobook supplied on a compact disc.