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Bulk Book Orders

Boomerang Books gladly accepts bulk book orders from individuals, schools, libraries and other organisations. 

For school customers, we recommend that you become an approved School Member to maximise the benefits of buying your books from Boomerang Books.

For once-off purchases, we are pleased to offer a discount of 20% off the retail price on all orders that total more than $1000 (when the 20% discount has been applied) for Australian customers only (NB. this excludes textbooks).  It is recommended that customers contact us via our online contact form to determine the availability of the desired books.

Boomerang Books does not carry bulk quantities of stock on hand and all bulk ordered titles must be sourced from distributors.  Upon receipt of your request, Boomerang Books will provide prompt advice on quantities available and the expected timeframe for delivery.

Please note that all bulk orders are subject to a number of special terms and conditions, in addition to our standard terms of use:

  • A bulk order is defined as an individual order containing at least 5 copies of a single book.
  • Boomerang Books does not carry bulk quantities of stock on hand.  All bulk ordered titles must be sourced from distributors.  Accordingly, delivery cannot be effected immediately.
  • Whilst Boomerang Books will endeavour to supply bulk ordered books in a timely fashion, fulfilment is often dependent upon the distributor's existing stock levels (which fluctuate daily) and reprinting schedules.  Boomerang Books cannot guarantee delivery of books by a certain date and will not be held responsible for delays.
  • Payment must be made in advance for all bulk orders (except for approved account holders).  Order processing will not commence until payment has been received in full.
  • Bulk orders are offered on a 'firm sale' basis only and returns are not permitted.  This condition protects us from the inventory risk of carrying large quantities of a title that may not be readily saleable to other customers.
  • The 20% discount for orders over $1,000 is not applicable to textbook orders.

To receive the bulk order discount, please contact our General Manager, Jon Page, via our online contact form and he will provide you with further instructions.