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Returns Policy

Order Cancellations

You may choose to cancel an entire order, or a book within an order, prior to fulfilment.  We request that you contact us as soon as possible by telephone (1300 36 33 32) when you decide to cancel, so that we can cancel the order from our own suppliers if necessary.

You will be refunded the cost of the book/order shortly after cancellation.  Refunds will be processed via the same method used to pay for the order (eg. the cancellation of an order paid for by Visa card, will result in a refund to that Visa card). 

In the event that the item(s) have been dispatched to the customer, a credit or refund will only be processed upon return of the items to our warehouse. Refunds for cancellations of bulk orders, special publications and imported books will only be processed once the order has been confirmed cancelled with our supplier.

Returns - Bulk Orders, Special Publications and Imported Books

We do not permit the return of bulk orders - ie. quantities of more than 5 of the same book.  Books purchased in quantities of greater than 5 units are supplied on a 'firm sale' basis only.  Bulk Order terms are here...

We do not permit the return of special publications, such as textbooks, or imported books as these are normally sourced on demand for specific needs and cannot be returned to the supplier or resold. These books are sold on a 'firm sale' basis only.

For any questions about 'firm sale' items, please contact our staff via telephone on 1300 36 33 32 or via our online contact form.

Returns - Damaged Books

We guarantee that new books purchased will reach you in mint condition. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item and advise us of the problem.  Once you have contacted us, return the item within 21 days of receipt and we will refund the order total, replace the item or issue a credit for a subsequent purchase.

For damaged book returns, we will provide you with a 'reply paid' address label for sending the book back to us so that you do not incur postage costs.

Returns - Non-damaged Books

Boomerang Books will accept returns of items (excluding bulk orders, special publications and imported books) with the original packing slip, within 21 days of purchase, as long as the item is in a resaleable condition.  If you have no packing slip, please return the item with a copy of the order confirmation email you received when the order was placed.

DVDs, CDs and other items shipped sealed or shrink-wrapped must be returned in original sealed or shrink-wrapped condition. We cannot accept CDs or DVDs as returns, unless the goods are factory sealed and unused, or faulty.

For returns of non-damaged books, Boomerang Books will issue a credit for a subsequent purchase.  Please note that both the outbound postage cost ($7.95 within Australia) and return postage cost incurred by you are not refundable.

Instructions for returning books

Important - please advise our Customer Service team within 14 days of purchase that you intend to return a book for refund or replacement via telephone on 1300 36 33 32 or via our online contact form.

When returning items to us, please indicate the reason for your return on the reverse side of the packing slip and include the packing slip in the box. A refund, replacement or credit will only be provided upon receipt of the returned goods.  For your protection, you may wish to send your return via insured parcel post. Please note that return postage costs incurred by you are not refundable.

Return Address

Please send all returns to:

Boomerang Books
878 Military Road
Mosman Junction, NSW, 2088