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Terms and Conditions

The Boomerang Books Loyalty Program - 'Boomerang Bucks' - is operated by Eclipse Commerce Pty Ltd trading as Boomerang Books.

All Members of the Boomerang Books website are bound by the following terms and conditions that relate specifically to the Loyalty Program.

Access to Loyalty Program

1. All Boomerang Books Account Holders are automatically provided with access to the Loyalty Program upon registration and can commence accruing Boomerang Bucks immediately.

2. Access to the Loyalty Program is subject to acceptance by Boomerang Books at its absolute discretion.  Boomerang Books reserves the right to remove Account Holders from the website and Loyalty Program, for any reason that it sees fit.

3. Access to the Loyalty Program is only activated by valid registration accepted via our website and is only available to individuals. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate in the Loyalty Program (including Schools registered in our Schools Program, which carries with it other benefits).

4. Any Boomerang Bucks are forfeited if the individual ceases to be a Account Holder.

5. Each Account Holder, by virtue of their relationship with Boomerang Books consents to Boomerang Books sending marketing messages via email or other media.

Crediting of Boomerang Bucks

6. 5 cents in every whole dollar spent making an Eligible Purchase on the Boomerang Books website will be accrued in Boomerang Bucks upon shipment of the product. Boomerang Books may also offer bonuses or other promotional credits from time-to-time on terms set by Boomerang Books in its absolute discretion.

7. Eligible Purchases comprise all purchases of product, excluding gift wrapping and freight charges, made on the Boomerang Books website.  Boomerang Bucks are not accrued for purchases made on partner websites, such as Abebooks.

8. In general, all purchases on the Boomerang Books website will be deemed 'eligible' for crediting Boomerang Bucks, however, Boomerang Books does reserve the right to remove this eligibility for specific promotions or discounts at its sole discretion.

9. Boomerang Bucks are credited when the product is shipped, not when the product is ordered or paid for. 

10. Boomerang Bucks are credited to the purchaser of gift vouchers at the time of purchase, not when the gift voucher is redeemed by the voucher recipient.

11. The Account Holder's Boomerang Bucks balance is displayed in the status area in the top right corner of the Boomerang Books website when the Account Holder is signed in.

Redemption of Boomerang Bucks

12. Only the Account Holder may redeem their own Boomerang Bucks - Boomerang Bucks are not transferable to other members.

13. Boomerang Bucks can only be redeemed as a credit towards subsequent purchases on Boomerang Books.  Boomerang Bucks are not redeemable for cash or credits of any other kind, under any circumstances.

14. Boomerang Bucks cannot be redeemed for certain products or during certain promotions or discount periods.  In most situations, Boomerang Bucks can be accrued (but not redeemed) for these purchases.

15. The Account Holder may choose when he/she wishes to redeem Boomerang Bucks by using the redemption option in the checkout process.  Members may choose to use all or part of their Boomerang Bucks towards a purchase.  Boomerang Bucks can only be redeemed in multiples of $5.  Boomerang Bucks can only be redeemed to a maximum of 50% of the book order value on the one order. Any residual Boomerang Bucks after redemption remain on the Account Holder's Boomerang Bucks balance for subsequent purchases.

16. If a refund is due to an Account Holder, and the original payment accrued Boomerang Bucks to the Member's balance, then the corresponding amount of Boomerang Bucks will be deducted from the Member's balance upon refund.

Other Conditions

17. Boomerang Books reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time by providing at least 90 days notice to members.

18. Boomerang Books may terminate access to the Program without notice if the Account Holder: fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions; engages in misleading or deceptive conduct in connection with the Program; dies or is declared bankrupt; or does not make an Eligible Purchase within 12 months of the preceding purchase.

19. Boomerang Books reserves the right to credit or debit Boomerang Bucks from Account HOlder accounts, as necessary (eg. book returns).

20. An Account Holder may terminate their membership in the Program at any time by giving written notice to Boomerang Books. 

21. All credited Boomerang Bucks will be forfeited on termination of a Account Holder's account.

22. To the extent permitted by law, any liability that Boomerang Books may have to an Account Holder relating in any way to the Program whether for negligence, breach of contract or otherwise is limited: in the case of any claim relating to Boomerang Bucks, to crediting the relevant number of Boomerang Bucks to the member’s account; and in any other case, to a maximum of $0.05 for each dollar spent on the website via that Account Holder's account at the time the liability arose.

23. Boomerang Books may make any changes to the Program at any time in its absolute discretion, provided that it provides due notice to Members where so provided in these Terms and Conditions.