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Eclectic & esoteric religions & belief systems

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The Indigo Children by Beth Singler

The Indigo Children

Hardback, September 2017
The Living Stones by Ithell Colquhoun

The Living Stones

Paperback, October 2016
The Crying of the Wind by Ithell Colquhoun

The Crying of the Wind

Paperback, October 2016
Afterlife by Reverend John Spooner


Paperback, September 2016
The Book of Wisdom by Osho

The Book of Wisdom

Paperback, July 2009
Disbelief 101 by S. C. Hitchcock

Disbelief 101

Paperback, May 2009
Rudolf Steiner by Gilbert J. Childs

Rudolf Steiner

Paperback, October 2003
What is Anthroposophy? by Rudolf Steiner

What is Anthroposophy?

Paperback, October 2002
Start Now by Rudolf Steiner

Start Now

Paperback, June 2002
Rudolf Steiner by Roy Wilkinson

Rudolf Steiner

Paperback, December 2001
Self Transformation by Rudolf Steiner

Self Transformation

Paperback, January 2000
From Limestone to Lucifer... by Rudolf Steiner

From Limestone to Lucifer...

Paperback, November 1999
First Steps in Inner Development by Rudolf Steiner

First Steps in Inner Development

Paperback, September 1999
Our Twelve Senses by Albert Soesman

Our Twelve Senses

Paperback, March 1999
The Foundation Stone by Rudolf Steiner

The Foundation Stone

Paperback, December 1996
The Fifth Gospel by Rudolf Steiner

The Fifth Gospel

Paperback, March 1985
Geering Interviews by Mike Grimshaw

Geering Interviews

Paperback, February 2018
Biblical Bullshit by Theo Van Gogh

Biblical Bullshit

Paperback, December 2017
Emancipation of a Black Atheist by D K Evans

Emancipation of a Black Atheist

Paperback, December 2017
Faith Seeking Belief by Bryan N Smith

Faith Seeking Belief

Paperback, November 2017
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Results 1 - 32 of 255