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Egyptian archaeology / Egyptology

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Cracking the Egyptian Code by Andrew Robinson

Cracking the Egyptian Code

Paperback, January 2018
Giza and the Pyramids by Zahi A. Hawass

Giza and the Pyramids

Hardback, October 2017
Abusir by Miroslav Verner


Hardback, August 2017
Egypt by Christina Riggs


Hardback, June 2017
Three Stones Make a Wall by Eric H. Cline

Three Stones Make a Wall

Hardback, March 2017
Egyptomania by Ronald H. Fritze


Hardback, October 2016
Amarna Sunrise by Aidan Dodson

Amarna Sunrise

Paperback, September 2016
Digital Giza by Peter der Manuelian

Digital Giza

Paperback, September 2016
Writings from Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson

Writings from Ancient Egypt

Paperback, August 2016
Cleopatra's Needles by Bob Brier

Cleopatra's Needles

Hardback, April 2016
The Silver Eye by Susan Brind Morrow

The Silver Eye

Hardback, January 2016
The Unknown Tutankhamun by Marianne Eaton-Krauss

The Unknown Tutankhamun

Paperback, December 2015
Divine Creatures by Salima Ikram

Divine Creatures

Paperback, November 2015
Colossal Statue of Ramesses II by Anna Garnett

Colossal Statue of Ramesses II

Paperback, September 2015
Wonderful Things by Jason Thompson

Wonderful Things

Hardback, March 2015
Gods Priests & Men by Lloyd

Gods Priests & Men

Paperback, July 2014
Discovering Tutankhamun by Zahi A. Hawass

Discovering Tutankhamun

Paperback, November 2013
Soulful Creatures by Edward Bleiberg

Soulful Creatures

Hardback, November 2013
City of Akhenaten by Barry Kemp

City of Akhenaten

Paperback, August 2013
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Results 1 - 32 of 387