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Fossil fuel technologies

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Burn Out by Dieter Helm

Burn Out

Paperback, April 2018
Fracturing Horizontal Wells by Mohamed Y. Soliman

Fracturing Horizontal Wells

Hardback, February 2016
Windfall by MS Meghan L O'Sullivan


Hardback, September 2017
Burn Out by Dieter Helm

Burn Out

Hardback, March 2017
Fueling Freedom by Stephen Moore

Fueling Freedom

Hardback, May 2016
The Green and the Black by Gary Sernovitz

The Green and the Black

Hardback, February 2016
Gasification by Kevin Elmer


Hardback, March 2015
Fossil Fuel and the Environment by Robbie Larkin

Fossil Fuel and the Environment

Hardback, February 2015
Oil, the 4th Renewable Resource by Shawn Alli

Oil, the 4th Renewable Resource

Paperback, November 2012
Fuel Property Estimation and Combustion Process Characterization by Yen-Hsiung Kiang

Fuel Property Estimation...

Paperback, February 2018
Direct Methanol Fuel Cells by Rose Hernandez

Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Paperback, December 2017
Computational Modeling of Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers by Vivek V. Ranade

Computational Modeling of...

Paperback, October 2017
Offshore Structures by Mohamed A. El-Reedy

Offshore Structures

Paperback, October 2017
Education and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry: Building A Technically Competent Workforce by Phil Andrews

Education and Training for...

Paperback, October 2017
Written English by Steve Hart

Written English

Hardback, June 2017
Plant Design and Operations by Ian Sutton

Plant Design and Operations

Paperback, June 2017
Pipeline Integrity by Ramesh Singh

Pipeline Integrity

Paperback, April 2017
Crude Oil Fouling by Francesco Coletti

Crude Oil Fouling

Paperback, January 2017
Optimization and Business Improvement Studies in Upstream Oil and Gas Industry by Sanjib Chowdhury

Optimization and Business...

Hardback, December 2016
Fuel by Karen Pinkus


Paperback, November 2016
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Results 1 - 32 of 117