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What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton

What Happened

Hardback, September 2017
Optimism Over Despair by Noam Chomsky

Optimism Over Despair

Paperback, July 2017
Britain's Europe by Brendan Simms

Britain's Europe

Paperback, June 2017
Global Discontents by Noam Chomsky

Global Discontents

Paperback, December 2017
Asia's Reckoning by Richard McGregor

Asia's Reckoning

Hardback, September 2017
The Unquiet Frontier by Jakub J. Grygiel

The Unquiet Frontier

Paperback, August 2017
East Indies by Ian Burnet

East Indies

Paperback, August 2017
Dawn of a New Order by Rein Mullerson

Dawn of a New Order

Hardback, June 2017
First Confession by Chris Patten

First Confession

Hardback, May 2017
The Fate of the West by Bill Emmott

The Fate of the West

Paperback, April 2017
Fractured Lands by Scott Anderson

Fractured Lands

Paperback, April 2017
Who Rules the World? by Noam Chomsky

Who Rules the World?

Paperback, April 2017
The Idea of the Muslim World by Cemil Aydin

The Idea of the Muslim World

Hardback, April 2017
China's Eurasian Pivot by Raffaello Pantucci

China's Eurasian Pivot

Paperback, March 2017
China's Borderlands by Steven Parham

China's Borderlands

Hardback, February 2017
Losing an Empire, Finding a Role by David Sanders

Losing an Empire, Finding a Role

Paperback, December 2016
Powerplay by Victor D. Cha


Hardback, December 2016
Reframing Climate Change by Shannon O'Lear

Reframing Climate Change

Paperback, December 2016
Island Geographies by Elaine Stratford

Island Geographies

Hardback, November 2016
Geopolitical Orientations, Regionalism and Security in the Indian Ocean by Dennis Rumley

Geopolitical Orientations,...

Paperback, November 2016
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Results 1 - 32 of 500