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Grammar, syntax

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English Language by Jonathan Culpeper

English Language

Paperback, February 2018
Compounds and Compounding by Laurie Bauer

Compounds and Compounding

Paperback, October 2017
Formal Grammar by Terje Lohndal

Formal Grammar

Hardback, October 2017
La Langue Berbere  Part 1 by Andre Basset

La Langue Berbere Part 1

Hardback, September 2017
The Classification of the Bantu Languages bound with Bantu Word Division by Malcolm Guthrie

The Classification of the...

Hardback, September 2017
The Non-Bantu Languages of North-Eastern Africa  Part 3 by A.N. Tucker

The Non-Bantu Languages of...

Hardback, September 2017
Linguistic Analyses: The Non-Bantu Languages of North-Eastern Africa by M.A. Bryan

Linguistic Analyses: The...

Hardback, September 2017
English Syntax and Argumentation by Bas Aarts

English Syntax and Argumentation

Paperback, August 2017
English Grammar by Peter Collins

English Grammar

Paperback, December 2016
Analysing English Sentences by Andrew Radford

Analysing English Sentences

Paperback, August 2016
Introducing Morphology by Rochelle Lieber

Introducing Morphology

Paperback, September 2015
Aspects of the Theory of Syntax by Noam Chomsky

Aspects of the Theory of Syntax

Paperback, December 2014
Agreement and Its Failures by Omer Preminger

Agreement and Its Failures

Paperback, September 2014
Subjunctive Conditionals by Michela Ippolito

Subjunctive Conditionals

Paperback, September 2013
Clause Structure by Elly van Gelderen

Clause Structure

Paperback, July 2013
English Words and Sentences by Eva Duran Eppler

English Words and Sentences

Paperback, December 2012
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Results 1 - 32 of 500