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History of other lands

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Ice Ghosts by Paul Watson

Ice Ghosts

Paperback, January 2018
Ice Ghosts by Paul Watson

Ice Ghosts

Hardback, March 2017
Pebble Island by Jon Cooksey

Pebble Island

Paperback, February 2017
Ascension by Duff Hart-Davis


Hardback, September 2016
A Journey for the Ages by Matthew A. Henson

A Journey for the Ages

Paperback, August 2016
South by Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton


Hardback, May 2016
With Napoleon at St Helena by John Stokoe

With Napoleon at St Helena

Paperback, April 2016
The Yompers by Ian R. Gardiner

The Yompers

Paperback, January 2016
White Eskimo by Stephen Bown

White Eskimo

Hardback, November 2015
The Coldest Crucible by Michael F. Robinson

The Coldest Crucible

Paperback, November 2014
Frozen in Time by Owen Beattie

Frozen in Time

Paperback, October 2014
Nine Battles to Stanley by Nick van der Bijl

Nine Battles to Stanley

Paperback, February 2014
Antarctica by David Day


Paperback, August 2013
Antarctica by Linda Aspen-Baxter


Hardback, June 2012
Doctor For Friend & Foe by Rick Jolly

Doctor For Friend & Foe

Paperback, April 2012
The Falklands War by Martin Middlebrook

The Falklands War

Paperback, February 2012
Empires in World History by Jane Burbank

Empires in World History

Paperback, July 2011
Building the Village by Alan Mayne

Building the Village

Paperback, December 2008
Falkland Islanders at War by Graham Bound

Falkland Islanders at War

Hardback, September 2001
Mapmaker by Barbara Mitchell


Hardback, October 2017
North Pole Promise by S. Allen Counter

North Pole Promise

Paperback, July 2017
When Your Life Depends on It by Brad Borkan

When Your Life Depends on It

Paperback, February 2017
Speaking in Cod Tongues by Lenore Newman

Speaking in Cod Tongues

Paperback, January 2017
Shackleton's Heroes by Wilson McOrist

Shackleton's Heroes

Hardback, November 2016
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Results 1 - 32 of 188