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Management decision making

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Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss

Tools of Titans

Paperback / softback, December 2016
$29.03 $32.99
Decision Quality by Carl Spetzler

Decision Quality

Hardback, December 2016
$42.26 $46.95
Competing on Analytics: Updated, with a New Introduction by Thomas H. Davenport

Competing on Analytics: Updated,...

Hardback, September 2017
$47.69 $52.99
The McKinsey Engagement: A Powerful Toolkit For More Efficient and Effective Team Problem Solving by Paul N. Friga

The McKinsey Engagement:...

Hardback, December 2008
$47.66 $52.95
Clarity - Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger  Results by Jamie Smart

Clarity - Clear Mind, Better...

Paperback / softback, February 2013
$20.66 $22.95
The Xiaomi Way: Customer Engagement Strategies That Built One of the Largest Smartphone Companies in the World by Li Wanqiang

The Xiaomi Way: Customer...

Hardback, August 2016
$50.40 $56.00
Wiser by Cass R. Sunstein


Hardback, December 2014
$35.19 $39.99
Smart Choices by John S. Hammond

Smart Choices

Hardback, August 2015
$46.63 $52.99
Becoming a Resonant Leader by Annie McKee

Becoming a Resonant Leader

Paperback / softback, February 2008
$49.49 $54.99
Managing in the Gray by Joseph L. Badaracco

Managing in the Gray

Hardback, September 2016
$44.99 $49.99
The Essential Wooden by John Wooden

The Essential Wooden

Hardback, January 2007
$29.66 $32.95
Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden

Wooden on Leadership

Hardback, April 2005
$38.66 $42.95
Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking by Tim Hurson

Think Better: An Innovator's...

Hardback, October 2007
$40.46 $44.95
The Signals Are Talking by Amy Webb

The Signals Are Talking

Hardback, December 2016
$35.99 $39.99
Decision Making and Problem Solving by John Adair

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Paperback / softback, July 2016
$20.69 $22.99
The Moment of Clarity by Christian Madsbjerg

The Moment of Clarity

Hardback, February 2014
$52.79 $59.99
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Making Smart Decisions (with featured article "Before You Make That Big Decision..." by Daniel Kahneman, Dan Lovallo, and Olivier Sibony) by Harvard Business Review

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Making...

Paperback / softback, December 2013
$29.69 $32.99
Creating Great Choices by Jennifer Riel

Creating Great Choices

Hardback, September 2017
$41.99 $49.99
The Clayton M. Christensen Reader by Clayton M. Christensen

The Clayton M. Christensen Reader

Paperback / softback, February 2016
$29.69 $32.99
Creativity Rules by Tina Seelig

Creativity Rules

Paperback / softback, December 2017
$25.19 $27.99
How Successful People Win by John C Maxwell

How Successful People Win

Hardback, May 2015
$17.59 $19.99
The Medici Effect, With a New Preface and Discussion Guide by Frans Johansson

The Medici Effect, With a...

Paperback / softback, March 2017
$34.19 $37.99
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Teams (with featured article "The Discipline of Teams," by Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith) by Harvard Business Review

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Teams...

Paperback / softback, March 2013
$29.69 $32.99
Collaboration by Morten Hansen


Hardback, April 2009
$53.99 $59.99
The Knowing-Doing Gap by Jeffrey Pfeffer

The Knowing-Doing Gap

Hardback, November 1999
$54.59 $64.99
Streetlights and Shadows by Gary A. Klein

Streetlights and Shadows

Paperback / softback, September 2011
$40.49 $44.99
The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership:  Achieving and Sustaining Excellence through Leadership Development by Jeffrey K. Liker

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership:...

Hardback, November 2011
$47.66 $52.95
The Net and the Butterfly by Olivia Fox Cabane

The Net and the Butterfly

Hardback, February 2017
$44.99 $49.99
Defining Moments by Joseph L. Badaracco

Defining Moments

Hardback, September 2016
$44.99 $49.99
Results 1 - 32 of 2000