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Napoleonic Wars

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In Nelson's Wake by James Davey

In Nelson's Wake

Paperback, August 2017
Man of War by Anthony Sullivan

Man of War

Hardback, June 2017
The Napoleon Options by Jonathan North

The Napoleon Options

Hardback, May 2017
Fiddlers and Whores by James Lowry

Fiddlers and Whores

Paperback, May 2017
Waterloo Messenger by William Mahon

Waterloo Messenger

Hardback, April 2017
Fighting Napoleon by Gareth Glover

Fighting Napoleon

Hardback, January 2017
Napoleon by Munro Price


Paperback, December 2016
The Napoleonic Mediterranean by Michael Broers

The Napoleonic Mediterranean

Hardback, November 2016
Wellington's Eastern Front by Nick Lipscombe

Wellington's Eastern Front

Hardback, November 2016
The American Sharpe by Gareth Glover

The American Sharpe

Hardback, October 2016
Waterloo General by John Morewood

Waterloo General

Hardback, July 2016
Of Living Valour by Barney White-Spunner

Of Living Valour

Paperback, May 2016
The News from Waterloo by Brian Cathcart

The News from Waterloo

Paperback, May 2016
Voices from the Peninsula by Ian Fletcher

Voices from the Peninsula

Hardback, March 2016
Witnessing Waterloo by David Crane

Witnessing Waterloo

Paperback, February 2016
Napoleon's Mercenaries by Guy C. Dempsey

Napoleon's Mercenaries

Hardback, February 2016
Triumph and Disaster by Andrew Bamford

Triumph and Disaster

Hardback, February 2016
Napoleon: A Concise Biography by Mr David Bell

Napoleon: A Concise Biography

Hardback, December 2015
March of Death by Christopher Summerville

March of Death

Hardback, November 2015
The Lines of Torres Vedras by John Grehan

The Lines of Torres Vedras

Hardback, November 2015
The Jena Campaign by Colonel F. N. Maude

The Jena Campaign

Hardback, September 2015
Death Before Glory by Martin R. Howard

Death Before Glory

Hardback, September 2015
Betsy and the Emperor by Anne Whitehead

Betsy and the Emperor

Paperback, August 2015
Sort By:
Results 1 - 32 of 357