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Number theory

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Closing the Gap by Vicky Neale

Closing the Gap

Hardback, September 2017
Beyond First Order Model Theory by Jose Iovino

Beyond First Order Model Theory

Hardback, August 2017
The Invention of Numbers by Peter Bentley

The Invention of Numbers

Paperback, August 2016
Algebraic Operads by Murray R. Bremner

Algebraic Operads

Hardback, April 2016
An Imaginary Tale by Paul J. Nahin

An Imaginary Tale

Paperback, March 2016
Elementary Number Theory by James S. Kraft

Elementary Number Theory

Hardback, November 2014
Elliptic Tales by Avner Ash

Elliptic Tales

Paperback, October 2014
Quadratic Irrationals by Franz Halter-Koch

Quadratic Irrationals

Hardback, June 2013
Number, Shape, & Symmetry by Diane L. Herrmann

Number, Shape, & Symmetry

Hardback, October 2012
Computational Number Theory by Abhijit Das

Computational Number Theory

Hardback, April 2012
Computational Aspects of Modular Forms and Galois Representations by Bas Edixhoven

Computational Aspects of...

Paperback, June 2011
Algebraic Number Theory by Richard A. Mollin

Algebraic Number Theory

Hardback, January 2011
Sum of Squa of Integers by Carlos J. Moreno

Sum of Squa of Integers

Hardback, December 2005
Fermat's Last Theorem by Dr. Simon Singh

Fermat's Last Theorem

Paperback, June 2002
Orthogonal Functions by William B. Jones

Orthogonal Functions

Paperback, July 1998
Chaos Theory Tamed by Garnett P. Williams

Chaos Theory Tamed

Hardback, January 1997
Number Theory by Don Redmond

Number Theory

Hardback, April 1996
Quadratics by Richard A. Mollin


Hardback, October 1995
Calculus in Vector Spaces by Lawrence Corwin

Calculus in Vector Spaces

Hardback, December 1994
Abelian Groups by Laszlo Fuchs

Abelian Groups

Paperback, April 1993
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Results 1 - 32 of 204