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Polymer chemistry

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Models of Biopolymers By Ring-Opening Polymerization by Stanislaw Penczek

Models of Biopolymers By...

Hardback, November 2017
Polymers for Electronic Applications by J.H. Lai

Polymers for Electronic Applications

Hardback, November 2017
Cellulose-Based Graft Copolymers by Vijay Thakur

Cellulose-Based Graft Copolymers

Paperback, October 2017
Polymer Characterization by Dan Campbell

Polymer Characterization

Hardback, July 2017
Paul John Flory by Gary D. Patterson

Paul John Flory

Hardback, July 2017
Polymer Morphology by Qipeng Guo

Polymer Morphology

Hardback, May 2016
The Fractal Physical Chemistry of Polymer Solutions and Melts by G. V. Kozlov

The Fractal Physical Chemistry...

Hardback, December 2013
Self-Healing Polymers by Wolfgang H. Binder

Self-Healing Polymers

Hardback, June 2013
Polymer Analysis by Barbara H. Stuart

Polymer Analysis

Paperback, January 2002
Supramolecular Chemistry by Jean-Marie Lehn

Supramolecular Chemistry

Paperback, June 1995
Soft Matter by Roberto Piazza

Soft Matter

Paperback, March 2011
Cationic Polymerizations Guide by Stewart Lewis

Cationic Polymerizations Guide

Hardback, February 2018
Polymer and Biopolymer Brushes by Omar Azzaroni

Polymer and Biopolymer Brushes

Hardback, December 2017
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Results 1 - 32 of 202