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Psychic powers & psychic phenomena

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Practical Magic by Nikki Van de Car

Practical Magic

Hardback, September 2017
Levitation by Peter Adey


Paperback, July 2017
You're Not Alone by Rebecca Jackson

You're Not Alone

Paperback, May 2017
Surrounded by Spirit by Kelvin Cruickshank

Surrounded by Spirit

Paperback, April 2017
Mediumship by Gordon Smith


Paperback, January 2017
Sensing the Future by Trish MacGregor

Sensing the Future

Paperback, January 2017
The Akashic Records by Sandra Anne Taylor

The Akashic Records

Paperback, November 2016
Sensing Psychic by Mitchell Coombes

Sensing Psychic

Paperback, May 2016
Nutrition for Intuition by Doreen Virtue

Nutrition for Intuition

Paperback, January 2016
The Light Between Us by Laura Lynne Jackson

The Light Between Us

Paperback, October 2015
Kindling the Native Spirit: Sacred Practices for Everyday Life by Denise Linn

Kindling the Native Spirit:...

Paperback, October 2015
The Reluctant Psychic by Suzan Saxman

The Reluctant Psychic

Paperback, February 2015
Secret Life of Uri Geller by Jonathan Margolis

Secret Life of Uri Geller

Paperback, September 2013
Wisdom For Your Life by Katrina Cavanough

Wisdom For Your Life

Paperback, July 2013
Science and ESP by J. R. Smythies

Science and ESP

Paperback, April 2013
Inside The Medium by Kelvin Cruickshank

Inside The Medium

Paperback, March 2013
Walking In Light by Kelvin Cruickshank

Walking In Light

Paperback, March 2013
The Psychic's Handbook by Julie Soskin

The Psychic's Handbook

Paperback, July 2012
Psychic Secrets by Jade-Sky

Psychic Secrets

Paperback, September 2011
Sixth Sense by Sue Bishop

Sixth Sense

Paperback, June 2011
After Life by John Edward

After Life

Paperback, May 2010
David Wells' Psychic Secrets by David Wells

David Wells' Psychic Secrets

Paperback, October 2009
Life Among the Dead by Lisa Williams

Life Among the Dead

Paperback, August 2009
The Psychic's Bible by Jane Struthers

The Psychic's Bible

Paperback, July 2009
The Time Has Come... by Sonia Choquette

The Time Has Come...

Paperback, April 2008
The Intuitive Spark by Sonia Choquette

The Intuitive Spark

Paperback, November 2007
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Results 1 - 32 of 500