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Psychological methodology

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More Examples, Less Theory: Historical Studies of Writing Psychology by Michael Billig

More Examples, Less Theory:...

Paperback / softback, October 2019
$37.76 $41.95
Psychology Statistics For Dummies by Donncha Hanna

Psychology Statistics For Dummies

Paperback / softback, December 2012
$32.29 $32.95
The Silent Patient: The record-breaking, multimillion copy Sunday Times bestselling thriller and Richard & Judy book club pick by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient: The record-breaking,...

Paperback / softback, December 2019
$18.39 $22.99
The List: 'A terrifyingly twisted and devious story' that will take your breath away by Carys Jones

The List: 'A terrifyingly...

Paperback / softback, October 2020
$18.39 $22.99
Shaping Psychology: Perspectives on Legacy, Controversy and the Future of the Field by Tomasz Witkowski

Shaping Psychology: Perspectives...

Paperback / softback, November 2020
$59.41 $66.01
Freud: The Man, the Scientist and the Birth of Psychoanalysis by Ruth Sheppard

Freud: The Man, the Scientist...

Hardback, June 2019
$59.33 $65.92
SPSS for Psychologists by Virginia Harrison

SPSS for Psychologists

Paperback / softback, November 2020
$71.23 $71.95
The Social Cognition and Object Relations Scale-Global Rating Method (SCORS-G) by Michelle Stein

The Social Cognition and...

Hardback, December 2017
$249.48 $252.00
Quantitative Research Methods in Consumer Psychology: Contemporary and Data Driven Approaches by Paul Hackett

Quantitative Research Methods...

Hardback, December 2018
$249.48 $252.00
IBM SPSS for Introductory Statistics: Use and Interpretation, Sixth Edition by George A. Morgan

IBM SPSS for Introductory...

Paperback / softback, July 2019
$81.17 $81.99
SPSS Basics by Zealure C. Holcomb

SPSS Basics

Hardback, October 2017
$353.43 $357.00
Stata for the Behavioral Sciences by Michael N. Mitchell

Stata for the Behavioral Sciences

Paperback / softback, December 2015
$159.30 $177.00
Longitudinal Analysis by Lesa Hoffman

Longitudinal Analysis

Hardback, November 2014
$353.43 $357.00
Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling with Mplus: A Latent State-Trait Perspective by Christian Geiser

Longitudinal Structural Equation...

Paperback / softback, November 2020
$115.64 $118.00
Interpreting Basic Statistics by Zealure C. Holcomb

Interpreting Basic Statistics

Paperback / softback, August 2017
$110.88 $112.00
Single-Case and Small-n Experimental Designs by Pat Dugard

Single-Case and Small-n Experimental Designs

Hardback, November 2011
$249.48 $252.00
Bitter Harvest by Ann Cooper

Bitter Harvest

Hardback, August 2000
$239.58 $242.00
Qualitative Analysis Using ATLAS.ti by Nicholas H. Woolf

Qualitative Analysis Using ATLAS.ti

Hardback, September 2017
$249.48 $252.00
Statistical Misconceptions by Schuyler  W. Huck

Statistical Misconceptions

Hardback, October 2008
$249.48 $252.00
How Qualitative Data Analysis Happens by Aine Humble

How Qualitative Data Analysis Happens

Paperback / softback, December 2018
$73.25 $73.99
Dyadic Data Analysis by William L Cook

Dyadic Data Analysis

Paperback / softback, January 2021
$86.23 $87.99
Simulating Nature by Arthur C. Petersen

Simulating Nature

Hardback, September 2017
$332.64 $336.00
Multivariate Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition by Kimmo Vehkalahti

Multivariate Analysis for...

Hardback, December 2018
$145.53 $147.00
Psychological Science Under Scrutiny by Scott O. Lilienfeld

Psychological Science Under Scrutiny

Paperback / softback, February 2017
$118.53 $120.95
Ratio Scaling of Psychological Magnitude by Stanley J. Bolanowski, Jr.

Ratio Scaling of Psychological Magnitude

Paperback / softback, February 2016
$90.08 $90.99
Qualitative Inquiry in Neoliberal Times by Norman K. Denzin

Qualitative Inquiry in Neoliberal Times

Paperback / softback, May 2017
$73.25 $73.99
Handbook of Meta-Analysis by Christopher H. Schmid

Handbook of Meta-Analysis

Hardback, September 2020
$291.06 $294.00
Crafting Phenomenological Research by Mark D. Vagle

Crafting Phenomenological Research

Paperback / softback, April 2018
$60.38 $60.99
Big Data and Social Science: Data Science Methods and Tools for Research and Practice by Ian Foster

Big Data and Social Science:...

Paperback / softback, November 2020
$101.97 $103.00
The Architecture of Light by Mary Ann Steane

The Architecture of Light

Hardback, April 2011
$332.64 $336.00
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology by Hugh Coolican

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

Paperback / softback, April 2014
$86.12 $86.99
Results 1 - 32 of 2000