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One Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race by Yaba Blay

One Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race

Hardback, February 2021
$44.99 $49.99
African American and Latinx History of the United States by Paul Ortiz

African American and Latinx...

Paperback / softback, December 2018
$24.29 $26.99
Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry by Imani Perry

Looking for Lorraine: The...

Paperback / softback, September 2019
$26.99 $29.99
History Teaches Us to Resist: How Progressive Movements Have Succeeded in Challenging Times by Mary Frances Berry

History Teaches Us to Resist:...

Paperback / softback, February 2019
$26.99 $29.99
Eva's Man by Gayl Jones

Eva's Man

Hardback, October 2020
$25.19 $27.99
Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin

Notes of a Native Son

Hardback, November 2012
$55.37 $61.52
Beyond the Miracle Worker by Kim E. Nielsen

Beyond the Miracle Worker

Paperback / softback, March 2010
$47.54 $52.82
The Smartphone Society by Nicole Aschoff

The Smartphone Society

Paperback / softback, March 2021
$33.68 $37.42
With Her Fist Raised: Dorothy Pitman Hughes and the Transformative Power of Black Community Activism by Laura Lovett

With Her Fist Raised: Dorothy...

Hardback, January 2021
$51.41 $57.12
Animals' Agenda by Marc Bekoff

Animals' Agenda

Paperback / softback, April 2018
$33.68 $37.42
You Are Not American: Citizenship Stripping from Dred Scott to the Dreamers by Amanda Frost

You Are Not American: Citizenship...

Hardback, January 2021
$55.37 $61.52
On Being Raped by Raymond M. Douglas

On Being Raped

Paperback / softback, January 2018
$31.70 $35.22
The Only Woman in the Room by Eileen Pollack

The Only Woman in the Room

Paperback / softback, September 2016
$35.66 $39.62
Stars in Our Pockets: Getting Lost and Sometimes Found in the Digital Age by Howard Axelrod

Stars in Our Pockets: Getting...

Paperback / softback, January 2021
$29.61 $32.90
Invisible No More by Andrea Ritchie

Invisible No More

Paperback / softback, August 2017
$41.60 $46.22
Odetta: A Life in Music and Protest by Ian Zack

Odetta: A Life in Music and Protest

Paperback / softback, April 2021
$37.64 $41.82
Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin

Notes of a Native Son

Paperback / softback, November 2012
$29.72 $33.02
Mirabai by Robert Bly


Paperback / softback, April 2009
$29.72 $33.02
New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver

New and Selected Poems

Hardback, October 2005
$52.50 $58.33
No Study Without Struggle: Confronting Settler Colonialism in Higher Education by Leigh Patel

No Study Without Struggle:...

Hardback, July 2021
$49.42 $54.91
Mean Little Deaf Queer by Terry Galloway

Mean Little Deaf Queer

Paperback / softback, June 2010
$39.62 $44.02
The Young Crusaders: The Untold Story of the Children and Teenagers Who Galvanized the Civil Rights Movement by V.P. Franklin

The Young Crusaders: The...

Hardback, February 2021
$59.33 $65.92
Queer History of the United States by Michael Bronski

Queer History of the United States

Paperback / softback, May 2012
$39.62 $44.02
Race Matters, 25th Anniversary by Cornel West

Race Matters, 25th Anniversary

Hardback, December 2017
$45.46 $50.51
Launching While Female: Smashing the System That Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back by Susanne Althoff

Launching While Female: Smashing...

Hardback, October 2020
$51.41 $57.12
Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing the World from the Tweets to the Streets by Feminista Jones

Reclaiming Our Space: How...

Paperback / softback, January 2019
$29.61 $32.90
Let My People Vote: My Battle to Restore the Civil Rights of Returning Citizens by Desmond Meade

Let My People Vote: My Battle...

Hardback, October 2020
$45.46 $50.51
Results 1 - 32 of 1938