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One Russia, Two Chinas by George Fetherling

One Russia, Two Chinas

Paperback, September 2004
Kameleon Man by Kim Barry Brunhuber

Kameleon Man

Paperback, December 2003
The Alchemy of Happiness by Marilyn Bowering

The Alchemy of Happiness

Paperback, December 2002
Lost Province by Stephen Henighan

Lost Province

Paperback, November 2002
House Inside the Waves by Richard Taylor

House Inside the Waves

Paperback, July 2002
Hail Mary Corner by Brian Payton

Hail Mary Corner

Paperback, October 2001
Iron Mountain by Mark Frutkin

Iron Mountain

Paperback, September 2001
Strange School, Secret Wish by Bernice Gold

Strange School, Secret Wish

Paperback, September 2001
Across Frozen Seas by John Wilson

Across Frozen Seas

Paperback, July 2001
Charlotte's Vow by Marion Woodson

Charlotte's Vow

Paperback, April 2001
Viking Quest by Tom Henighan

Viking Quest

Paperback, April 2001
Common Place Ecstasies by Wendy McGrath

Common Place Ecstasies

Paperback, November 2000
Parable Beach by Paddy McCallum

Parable Beach

Paperback, October 2000
One Leaf Shaking by Robin Skelton

One Leaf Shaking

Paperback, April 2000
All You Expect of the Road by Sue Nevill

All You Expect of the Road

Paperback, March 2000
The Allegra Series by Barbara Lambert

The Allegra Series

Paperback, September 1999
West of Darkness by John Barton

West of Darkness

Paperback, September 1999
Carrying the Shadow by Patrick Friesen

Carrying the Shadow

Paperback, June 1999
Lucy, Maud & Me by

Lucy, Maud & Me

Paperback, April 1999
Human Bodies by Marilyn Bowering

Human Bodies

Paperback, February 1999
Atmospheres Apollinaire by

Atmospheres Apollinaire

Paperback, September 1998
Clouds without Heaven by Mary Cameron

Clouds without Heaven

Paperback, August 1998
Winds Through Time by Ann Walsh

Winds Through Time

Paperback, March 1998
The Lion of Venice by Mark Frutkin

The Lion of Venice

Paperback, October 1997
Under Emily's Sky by

Under Emily's Sky

Paperback, September 1997
Animal Rap & Far-Out Fables by

Animal Rap & Far-Out Fables

Paperback, September 1995
Voices on the Bay by Ginny Russell

Voices on the Bay

Paperback, December 1993
I Was Expecting Someone Taller by Sue Nevill

I Was Expecting Someone Taller

Paperback, January 1991
Can't find what you're looking for? Try an advanced search.
Results 1 - 32 of 32