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"Man-with Variations" - Interviews with Franz Boas  and Colleagues, 1937 by Joseph Mitchell

"Man-with Variations"...

Paperback, February 2017
Confucius Institutes by Marshall Sahlins

Confucius Institutes

Paperback, November 2014
The Culture of Ethics by Franco La Cecla

The Culture of Ethics

Paperback, December 2013
The Ecology of Others by Philippe Descola

The Ecology of Others

Paperback, March 2013
Pastoral in Palestine by Neil Hertz

Pastoral in Palestine

Paperback, February 2013
Pacification and Its Discontents by Kurt Jacobsen

Pacification and Its Discontents

Paperback, December 2009
The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual by NCA

The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual

Paperback, July 2009
American Counterinsurgency by Roberto J. Gonzalez

American Counterinsurgency

Paperback, February 2009
Time and Human Language Now by Jonathan Boyarin

Time and Human Language Now

Paperback, January 2009
Pasta and Pizza by Franco La Cecla

Pasta and Pizza

Paperback, November 2007
Understanding Media by Dominic Boyer

Understanding Media

Paperback, November 2007
Anti-semitism and Islamophobia by Matti Bunzl

Anti-semitism and Islamophobia

Paperback, September 2007
The American Game by John D. Kelly

The American Game

Paperback, December 2006
Phantom Calls by Grant Farred

Phantom Calls

Paperback, September 2006
Museum, Inc. by Paul Werner

Museum, Inc.

Paperback, February 2006
Neo-liberal Genetics by Susan McKinnon

Neo-liberal Genetics

Paperback, January 2006
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Results 1 - 32 of 35