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The Heart of the Renaissance: The Stories of the Art of Florence by Richard Lloyd

The Heart of the Renaissance:...

Hardback, March 2021
$71.09 $78.99
Art and Industry: Seven Artists in search of an Industrial Revolution in Britain by David Stacey

Art and Industry: Seven Artists...

Paperback / softback, March 2021
$50.39 $55.99
Wendy, Janey, Joanne and Madge: Inspirational Professors of Fashion at the Royal College of Art 1948-2014 by Henrietta Goodden

Wendy, Janey, Joanne and...

Hardback, February 2020
$71.99 $79.99
On Assassinations by Kenneth Baker

On Assassinations

Hardback, April 2020
$40.49 $44.99
Lion by Mark Adlington


Hardback, December 2020
$61.19 $67.99
White Blood: A History of Human Milk by Lawrence Trevelyan Weaver

White Blood: A History of Human Milk

Paperback / softback, April 2021
$30.59 $33.99
My Dearest Heart: The Artist Mary Beale (1633-1699) by Penelope Hunting

My Dearest Heart: The Artist...

Hardback, September 2019
$52.19 $57.99
Nineteenth-Century Women Artists: Sisters of the Brush by Caroline Chapman

Nineteenth-Century Women...

Hardback, August 2021
$50.39 $55.99
Oliver James 21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change Your Life by Oliver James

Oliver James 21 Breaths:...

Hardback, April 2021
$25.19 $27.99
From Vultures to Vampires - volume one 1995-2004: 25 Years of Copyright Chaos and Technology Triumphs by David Pleasance

From Vultures to Vampires...

Hardback, September 2021
$71.09 $78.99
Otto Eckhart's Ordeal: Himmler, The SS and The Holy Grail by Niall Edworthy

Otto Eckhart's Ordeal: Himmler,...

Paperback / softback, August 2020
$17.99 $19.99
Bob Mazzer by Bob Mazzer

Bob Mazzer

Hardback, January 2020
$31.49 $34.99
Unfortunate Occurrences and Knavish Tricks: The Last Voyage of the SS Capira by John Chuter

Unfortunate Occurrences and...

Hardback, July 2021
$50.39 $55.99
10,000 Not Out: The History of The Spectator 1828 - 2020 by David Butterfield

10,000 Not Out: The History...

Paperback / softback, April 2020
$49.50 $55.00
Bluebottle Goes To War: Peter Sellers & the RAF Gang Shows by PJ Brownsword

Bluebottle Goes To War: Peter...

Hardback, August 2020
$31.49 $34.99
The Healing Arts: The Arts Project at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital by J. Scott

The Healing Arts: The Arts...

Hardback, May 2019
$40.49 $44.99
MacDonald Gill: Charting a Life by Caroline Walker

MacDonald Gill: Charting a Life

Hardback, June 2020
$58.50 $65.00
Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang by Kirsty Stonell Walker

Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang

Hardback, September 2018
$31.49 $34.99
Travels of a Painter by James Reeve

Travels of a Painter

Hardback, September 2020
$50.39 $55.99
Raised from the Ruins: Monastic Houses after the Dissolution by Jane Whitaker

Raised from the Ruins: Monastic...

Hardback, July 2021
$71.09 $78.99
John Nash: Artist & Countryman by Andrew Lambirth

John Nash: Artist & Countryman

Paperback / softback, June 2021
$61.19 $67.99
Russia Accursed!: Red Terror through the eyes of the artist Ivan Vladimirov by Andre Ruzhnikov

Russia Accursed!: Red Terror...

Hardback, January 2021
$80.99 $89.99
The Co(s)mic Picture of Reality in the Art of Julia Curylo by Joanna Paneth

The Co(s)mic Picture of Reality...

Hardback, March 2021
$40.49 $44.99
Tom Wedgwood at Waterloo: The Life of Thomas Josiah Wedgwood who Fought at Waterloo by Antony Wedgwood

Tom Wedgwood at Waterloo:...

Hardback, April 2019
$31.49 $34.99
Results 1 - 32 of 571