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Theory of music & musicology

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The Sonic Persona by Holger Schulze

The Sonic Persona

Paperback, February 2018
Music as Image by Benjamin Nagari

Music as Image

Paperback, January 2018
What Will I Be by Philip M. Gentry

What Will I Be

Hardback, January 2018
Absolute Music by Mark Evan Bonds

Absolute Music

Paperback, November 2017
The Music of John Ireland by Fiona Richards

The Music of John Ireland

Hardback, November 2017
The Guitar Workbook by Scott Seifried

The Guitar Workbook

Paperback, October 2017
Paul Bekker's Musical Ethics by Nanette Nielsen

Paul Bekker's Musical Ethics

Hardback, October 2017
Music Theory 101 by Brian Boone

Music Theory 101

Hardback, August 2017
Audio Culture, by Christoph Cox

Audio Culture,

Paperback, July 2017
The Memory of Music by Andrew Ford

The Memory of Music

Paperback, July 2017
The Digital Songstream by Brad Hill

The Digital Songstream

Hardback, June 2017
Cheap Print and Popular Song in the Nineteenth Century by Paul Watt

Cheap Print and Popular Song...

Hardback, March 2017
The Music of the Future by Robert Barry

The Music of the Future

Paperback, March 2017
Music: Ideas in Profile by Andrew Gant

Music: Ideas in Profile

Paperback, March 2017
Ludic Dreaming by David Cecchetto

Ludic Dreaming

Paperback, February 2017
When Genres Collide by Matt Brennan

When Genres Collide

Paperback, February 2017
Every Song Ever by Ben Ratliff

Every Song Ever

Paperback, February 2017
Music: An Appreciation by Roger Kamien

Music: An Appreciation

Paperback, February 2017
Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka

Tonal Harmony

Hardback, February 2017
Beyond Unwanted Sound by Marie Thompson

Beyond Unwanted Sound

Paperback, February 2017
After Sound by G. Douglas Barrett

After Sound

Paperback, August 2016
Sonic Rupture by Jordan Lacey

Sonic Rupture

Hardback, June 2016
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Results 1 - 32 of 500