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Unexplained phenomena / the paranormal

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The Super Natural by Whitley Strieber

The Super Natural

Paperback, September 2017
The Ascension Mysteries by David Wilcock

The Ascension Mysteries

Paperback, February 2017
Haunted by Leo Braudy


Hardback, January 2017
Communion by Whitley Strieber


Paperback, October 2016
Arguing Science by Rupert Sheldrake

Arguing Science

Paperback, September 2016
The Monster Book by Nick Redfern

The Monster Book

Paperback, September 2016
Dying to Wake Up by Rajiv Parti

Dying to Wake Up

Paperback, August 2016
The Thrill of Repulsion by William Burns

The Thrill of Repulsion

Hardback, July 2016
Miriam Black #2: Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig

Miriam Black #2: Mockingbird

Paperback, October 2015
Fear Dat New Orleans by Michael Murphy

Fear Dat New Orleans

Paperback, October 2015
Ghostly Encounters by Jeff Scott Cole

Ghostly Encounters

Hardback, August 2015
Monster Hunters by Tea Krulos

Monster Hunters

Paperback, June 2015
Paranormality by Richard Wiseman


Paperback, January 2015
Campfire Tales by Mike Ricksecker

Campfire Tales

Paperback, January 2015
Heaven's Gate by Benjamin E. Zeller

Heaven's Gate

Paperback, October 2014
Strange by Colin Wilson


Paperback, October 2014
Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown by

Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown

Paperback, September 2014
Gothicka by Victoria Nelson


Paperback, November 2013
The A-Z of Curious London by Gilly Pickup

The A-Z of Curious London

Paperback, July 2013
Chasing Spirits by Nick Groff

Chasing Spirits

Paperback, February 2013
Paranormal Unwrapped by Shannon Sylvia

Paranormal Unwrapped

Paperback, December 2012
Paranormality by Professor Richard Wiseman


Paperback, October 2012
Hollywood Paranormal Films by Jim O'Rear

Hollywood Paranormal Films

Paperback, June 2011
The Third Man Factor: the secret to survival in extreme environments by John Geiger

The Third Man Factor: the...

Paperback, August 2010
Missing: Believed Killed by Roy Conyers Nesbit

Missing: Believed Killed

Paperback, August 2010
Great Australian Mysteries by John Pinkney

Great Australian Mysteries

Paperback, August 2003
The Faerie Handbook by Fairy Magazine

The Faerie Handbook

Hardback, November 2017
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